Woodward Mountain Wind Ranch®

Pecos County, TX

  • Largest project in the US at the time project was announced
  • One of the last major projects using one of the most successful turbine models ever produced in the wind turbine industry; the Vestas V47 turbine
  • Negotiated land rights for the project in competition with Enron. Cielo Wind Power was successful in negotiations over Enron due to their experience and excellent landowner relations

SERVICES PROVIDED: Development and Construction Consulting/Prefessional Services

SIZE: 160 MW

LOCATION: Pecos County, TX


TURBINE EQUIPMENT: 242 Vestas V47 660kV wind turbines


TRANSMISSION: 2- 138 kV Substations, 7.3-mile Dual 138 kV and a 4.6-mile 138 kV Transmission Line

INTERCONNECTION: 2 points, the 138 kV Rio Pecos and 16th circuit, and the 138 kV Rio Pecos and Ft.  Stockton Circuit, Texas-New Mexico Power (transmission facility operator) and West Texas Utilities Company (transmission facility operator)

LAND: 50 landowners

DEVELOPMENT & MINOR EPC: Texas Wind Power, a Cielo Wind affiliate

MAJORITY OWNER: NextEra Energy Resources

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