Engineering and Construction

Cielo’s Engineering and Construction Management arm believes in building projects it would be proud to own. Often working under strict deadlines set by US federal energy policy, the team has consistently found creative solutions for staying on time and under budget. Our strong subcontractor and supplier relationships ensure that the right people and the right materials are on site when they are needed. Capabilities cover all aspects of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC):

  • Project Due Diligence and Pro-forma PlanningIMG_0210
  • Pre-Construction Engineering
    • Safety Planning & Monitoring
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Budget and Progress Controls
    • Insurance Coordination
    • Engineering Review
    • Contract Monitoring
  • Material Procurement
  • Material Receipt and Acceptance
  • Project ConstructionIMG_2582
    • Roads
    • Crane Pads
    • Foundations
    • Wind Turbine Installation
    • Station Communications
    • Substation
    • Collection System
    • Transmission Line
  • Site Cleanup/Restoration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Documentation and Turnover to Operations12232clo2028


At Cielo Wind Power, we are proud of our safety record for building utility grade wind generation facilities. We rely on a stringent safety prevention program that enables us to continuously keep each project injury free. Our goal is that no one suffers an injury while constructing or maintaining our facilities. We begin every day with a mandatory “tailgate” safety meeting where we encourage all of our contractors and sub-contractors to voice any concerns. Safety is and will always be our highest priority.