How We Do It

When prospecting sites to develop wind projects, our initial task is to determine if a potential property warrants further examination. The three most important factors we look for when scouting a location are:

  1. Wind resource.
  2. Proximity to transmission lines.
  3. Permitting risks.

If a property is deemed to have development potential, Cielo will conduct a survey of the site and install meteorological towers. Over a period of several months to as long as several years, the meteorological towers will collect data about the wind quality. Cielo’s team of meteorologists use this data to perform extensive research about the property.

Once we agree to develop a property, Cielo will construct high quality roads, prepare turbine sites and build and assemble the turbines. As an added benefit, the roads are permanent and available to the landowner both during and after construction.

After the turbines are assembled and fully operational, Cielo’s expert maintenance staff will regularly visit the turbines to collect data, make repairs and perform routine maintenance.