How Cielo Works with Landowners

  • Cielo builds high-quality site access roads which landowners can also use to access their property.
  • Cielo will leave the land used for wind development in the same or better condition than when construction began. Cielo uses double digging methods and reseeds the land after construction.
  • Two easements are required to develop the property: (1) a road easement allows roads to be built so construction workers and equipment can reach the turbine sites, and (2) a wind non-obstruct easement stipulates that landowners will not build structures over a certain height, such as a tall building or structure that could potentially decrease wind in the area.
  • Cielo provides an available landowner liaison to address questions and concerns of landowners, as well as provide inspections, safety reports and a means of communication to construction workers, operations and maintenance staff.
  • During operations and maintenance, Cielo does not allow firearms or hazardous materials onto the land, maintains access roads and site security, and promptly repairs any damage to the land or turbines.
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