Cielo Wind Power Cares

Cielo understands and respects the natural resources owners rely upon to generate and sustain a livelihood. Wind generating facilities are often sited on viable agricultural land used for crop production or grazing. Properly siting the turbines and roads within a project creates an environment where wind generation and agriculture can co-exist and thrive. The added income from wind generation provides an alternative income stream and offsets the uncertainties associated with crop and livestock production.

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When building a project, Cielo understands the owner’s unique concerns about how their property is accessed and used. As tenants on the land, we take into consideration the welfare of the livestock, seasonal harvesting operations, cultivation and crop production. Cielo takes care to return the land to its previous condition before the start of our construction operations by placing back the existing soil and restoring the land to its original grade and vegetation. We narrow roadways created for heavy equipment during construction to accommodate smaller maintenance vehicles, and return the access roadway to its original condition. These are just few of the ways Cielo expresses respect for property in our developments. Coming from a ranching heritage, the owners of Cielo understand the value of protecting natural resources and being a good steward of the land.